Equipment Needed for a DIY Home Renovation

As a homeowner, there comes a time to renovate your home in areas like plumbing, wall painting, electrical, welding etcetera. Apart from having the requisite skill to carry out the renovation, an important thing to keep in mind is that repair comes with associated risks.


The risks of carrying out a repair include accidents such as falling from a height, toxic chemical poisoning, fire burn, injury from a saw, foot injury from stepping on sharp objects, hearing due to extreme noise, eye accident from debris, and lung tract blockage from dust among other.

Apart from knowing the related accidents, knowing about different safety equipment is more important.

The Dozen Pieces Safety Equipment You Need For A DIY Home Renovation

Below is a list of essential twelve safety equipment for your DIY home renovation.

  • Goggle and Glasses

Wearing impact resistance safety goggle or glasses are important, especially when using power tools for drilling to protect you from dust or other flying debris.

  • Dust Extractor

Dust safety equipment protects you from possible airborne dangers, particularly your lung, from dust or fumes arising from sawing, sanding or cutting of metals. The material comes in different mask forms like simple gauze to prevent fine particles, to complete facial respirator that prevents poisoning from fumes.

  • Helmet

It provides protection to the head; from falling off the ladder to bumping your head and possible objects falling from the top on your head. Using Helmet at a renovation site protects you from possible head injury.

  • Face mask

Facemask keeps you safe from airborne dangers. It is used in dusty renovation site where you have to work for an extended period.

  • Knee pads

If your renovation includes laying tiles, you need a good pair of quality knee pads to reduce the harsh impact of the floor on your knees. It protects your knees against accidental injuries like kneeling on sharp objects.

  • Earplugs or Ear Protector:

The earplugs or protector helps to reduce the impact of extreme noise when you have to drill, scrape or file metal objects, the grinding noise can harm your ear drum.

  • Voltage tester:

It protects you from electrocution. The voltage tester let you know if the wire or cable located in the area you are working is electrically charged or not.

  • Safety Boot:

You need a pair of quality safety boot to wear anytime you are working to protect you from danger. For the best safety boot check out Work Boot Worx!

  • First Aid Kit:

Even with all the Safety Gears in place and used on during renovation, an accident may still happen. It is in such situations that a first aid kit comes handy.

  • Hand Gloves:

Although you may not need to wear them all the time, hand gloves are essential for tougher jobs like perimeter fencing or lifting heavy and rough objects. Since hands are used for most renovation tasks, you need hand gloves for adequate hand protection against cuts, bruises, burn and chemical spillage.

  • Protective Clothing:

Quality protective clothing would provide protection against skin bruises, cuts or stains on your cloth or body. In accidental chemical spillage, your protective clothing takes the spill and protects your skin.

  • Fire extinguishers:

Lastly, on the list is a fire extinguisher to protect sudden outbreak of fire during a renovation.

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